Sister Michael is a nun and the principal at Our Lady Immaculate College in Derry, Northern Ireland.


Sister Michael grew up in Northern Ireland and became a nun. She has joked that one of the reasons she became a nun was for free accommodation.


Sister Michael is very sarcastic and apathetic towards her job. She does show traditional Catholic values as most nuns do. She also does judo every week.







Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She dislikes the French.
  • Sister Michael is a fan of the TV show Rawhide.
  • Sister Michael strongly dislikes cinnamon.



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Memorable QuotesEdit

I know how daunting resit examinations can be, so if anyone is feeling anxious or worried or even if you just want to chat, please, please, do not come crying to me.

This year's destination for the Euro Trotters trip will be dramatic pause... (turning to teacher) did you actually want me to do a dramatic pause? Hmm, interesting... Paris, it's going to be in Paris. Sadly I am unable to come on this one as I despise the French.

Lovely job so far Seamus, but, you know, keep it moving - Rawhide is on in fifteen minutes.

Sister Michael: It's not looking great. It's unlikely she'll be returning to school before the end of the year. So I think the only thing we can do now is...
Aisling: Pray for her?
Sister Michael: No, sure what use will that do?

Well it's safe to say that we all lost a bit of respect for you there, Clare.

Well done, you are correct. You're being censored. Now go.

I think we should keep them in cages.


Kill me.

You terrify me.


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