Orla McCool is a student at Our Lady Immaculate College.


Orla lives in Derry, Northern Ireland, during 'the troubles', with her mother Sarah, her aunt Mary, her uncle Gerry, her grandfather Joe, and her cousins, Erin and Anna. Erin and Orla are the same age and have grown up side-by-side. They are in the same class at Our Lady Immaculate College.


Orla takes many things literally, including sarcasm, and sometimes misses social cues that others can pick up on. She often remains quiet and absent within group situations. Orla can be unaware that what she says and does, are straying from the norm and may be seen as mildly offensive. She is occasionally seen breaking into people's physical boundaries, holding onto people and once stroking the head of a nun during detention. Orla doesn't care about popularity and other's opinions of her. However, she does have strong affections for those she is closest to.

Orla has a deep love of sweets and confectionery. She is constantly seen eating sweets throughout the show. She has had an obsession with 'step aerobics' and likes to 'melt stuff'.




Orla took her grandpa Joe to her school prom, as her date, saying 'he's the fella she likes the most'.


Orla's friends are Clare Devlin, Michelle Mallon, James Maguire, and Erin Quinn.



Notes and TriviaEdit

  • There is a mural in Derry of the Derry Girls cast including Louisa as Orla.
  • Louisa describes Orla as a very free individual.
  • Louisa has given suggestions to creator Lisa about ideas for her character and the show; these include: Orla shaving her head, and Orla has actually been a ghost or a witch the whole time and that someone dies, which other members of the cast have described as depressing and scary.
  • Orla, like all the other Derry Girls, has a Spotify playlist.



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Memorable QuotesEdit

She really suits being dead.

There’s just nothing that doesn’t suit me!

Shouldn't swear, Michelle. Our lady in heaven; she cries tears, then make rain. Isn’t that right, Sister Michael?

(Holding the dead nun’s head) Funny how she sleeps with her eyes wide open, isn't it?

Oh my god; it's the polar bear!

Protestants hate ABBA.

What's a pair of knickers between cousins?

I really like the fact that she glows in the dark.

We could sell our organs.

Don't cry, Erin. He's in a better place now. Unless he's not, you know, because he's gone to hell.


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