Michelle Mallon is James's cousin.


Michelle lives in Derry, during 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland, with her mother and father. Her cousin, James, arrives from London to live with them. She attends Our Lady Immaculate College.


Michelle swears frequently, drinks heavily and talks a lot about her sexuality, leading to her being described as 'coarse'. She is a fiery, strong and bold character that isn't fazed by others' opinions of her. She can appear as aggressive and defensive, but remains loyal to those closest to her.



Michelle tries to seduce Artem (a Ukrainian exchange student from Chernobyl) at a house party, but discovers he is actually a Protestant from Belfast, named Clive, who fell asleep on the wrong bus back from the airport.

Michelle kisses Harry, a protestant boy whilst on peace initiative weekend, 'friends across the barricade'. She tries to have sex with him but he stops her, showing her he is wearing a purity bracelet.

Michelle took two dates to her school prom, one named Johnny, believing they would stay at opposite ends of the room and not meet; they eventually did and both left without her.



Michelle's good friends are Erin Quinn, Clare Devlin, Orla McCool, and James Maguire.



Notes and Trivia

  • The actress that portrays Michelle is actually from Derry.
  • Jamie-Lee was unable to attend the series 2 premiere of the show and so fellow co-stars and creator Lisa McGee wore I ❤ JLO'D badges during the event.
  • There is a mural of the Derry Girls, in Derry, which features Jamie-Lee as Michelle.



Episode Stills

Memorable Quotes

Genuine question: why can't you just be fucking normal?

Sláinte motherfuckers.

Foreigners fucking love the Giant's Causeway.

That's English for you, fucking savages.

Big fan of the fandango.

We didn't threaten her. We're not stupid. Big Mandy's her sister and she's half fucking gorilla.

They ran out of spuds, everyone was raging.

You wouldn't move over there James, I can't see past your massive closet.

Do you reckon if I told him I had an incendiary device down my knickers he'd have a look?

You're a fucking Derry girl now, James.

We're doing this for Peace all right, piece of that fine protestant ass.

She went to England years ago to get an abortion, never came back. Didn't get the abortion either. Lucky for you, James, eh?

(On Hugh Grant) Have yous not heard? You know your man, floppy hair, English, he's all "fuck-a-doodle this, fuck-a-doodle that". He's flat out going to weddings with his mates, until one of them, the fat beardy one in the skirt, until he croaks it and they're all, "We need to show this man a bit of respect here. Let's stop all the clocks" He goes to your woman. You know her? She's a total ride but she paper-clips her frocks together. Well, he was caught getting down and dirty with some hooker in the back of his BMW. Dark horse or what?


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