Erin Quinn is the best friend of Clare, Michelle, James, and Orla.


Erin lives in Derry with her mother Mary, her father Gerry, her sister Anna, her aunt Sarah, her cousin Orla and her grandfather Joe. She attends Our Lady Immaculate College. Erin was born and lives in a time of religious and national conflict called The Troubles.

Erin has grand ambitions to become a famous writer and has serious ideas above her station. She considers herself to be very liberal and worldly; in reality, she's quite easily shocked and has never ventured further than Buncrana (a popular holiday destination).


Erin describes herself as creative, favors writing, and keeps a diary. She thinks of herself as a deep and liberal individual. She can become awkward in some situations, especially those that involve boys. She is a caring person but can be a bit highly strung. Erin can occasionally appear narcissistic interpreting situations from only her point of view. This sometimes impacts her personal relationships, periodically.

She is very goal-driven and a fan of the English boy band Take That.



She had a crush on David Donnelly and would embarrass herself when he was around.

She flirted with Dee, but her interest wasn't reciprocated.

She attended the prom with James Maguire after her original date, John Paul O'Reilly, didn't show.



She is friends with Orla, James, Michelle, and Clare.



Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The actress who plays her is a native of Derry herself.
  • There is a mural of the "Derry Girls" in the city of Derry which features Saoirse as Erin.
  • Erin seemed to be a bit homophobic when her friend, Clare, came out to her as a lesbian at the end of Series 1. But she soon accepts it and from Series 2 on, her and the other Derry girls can be seen wearing rainbow badges as support for Clare.



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Memorable QuotesEdit

As if a polar bear's going to rock up at a Take That concert.

Is that my diary?

They don't have people from Derry on Baywatch; we're just too pasty

I'm a racist patronizing bitch

You look very... booby

Who owns the fella?


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